Bad Experience

I went to their website at first just to see how much they would pay For my Mac mini 2011, 1 intel duo core i5 2.3Ghz, with a 500 GB Hard drive and 8 GB of ram installed (sent with apple keyboard).  the amount they gave was $170.  When I decided to get everything ready and get an actual quote I get to the website and find that I am no longer able to enter the same information as before.  Several options were gone for Storage and RAM, including the ram option that my Mac Mini had installed (the 1GB to 3.9GB was the only option available).  I even had to call their customer service because the website threw up an error message when i got to the condition option.  Now the guy who I talked to, can't remember his name, was nice and professional and said the techs will look into it and I was to try to place the order around 6 p.m. and to just fill the order and they will look it over when it got to them.  Now though I find out that they claim my Mac mini was not the device that I said it was in the order (IGOT-27132209 is the invoice number if someone sees this).  Even though the only thing that was different was the memory, everything else on the invoice was correct.  Now the new quote is just $85.  I also went back to their website to redo the Mac Mini quote page to see if it was different there.  Everything was back, all the options were available.  But when I got down to the quote, it was down to $85.  Now I don't know if they were changing the website over when I first went to adjust the prices due to the market or something.  But I can't really see how it would have fallen that far and I can not accept that much of a dip.  I chose to have them send it back.


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