igotoffer kept my Surface Pen!

I shipped a Surface Book with Pen for quote, we did not agree on price, so I asked for it to be returned, I got the laptop back, but no Pen! I sent and email and got no response, so I called and was told that "all items that were shipped will be returned", and I said great! when can I expect my Pen? they said there is nothing that can be done, and repeated that it is the customers responsibility when they ship items to igotoffer, as if the customers can control what they do.... I know it was simply lost by them, but they wont even acknowledge it or investigate. their inspection team would have noted that the pen was included, but the customer service manager says that is a different department, and does not know what they might have done. They kept repeating that there is nothing that can be done. well I believe that there is a lot to be done.. so I've filed a BBB complaint, and this is the 5th website that I'm giving this poor review on. I asked for the owners name, and they also refused that as well.

I will keep going to as many websites as I can to let people know that igotoffer does not stand behind there statement that all items that were shipped will be returned. I cannot sell the surface book without the pen unless I take a big hit on the price, and igotoffer does not own up to any responsibility for loosing or taking my pen.

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