bait & switch

I recently "sold" them an older MacBook pro, offer was $150. I sent it in with the mailing address they provided. Today, I got an URGENT message from them. I clicked on the link and was told their offer was now $10 because the item was not packaged well and was damaged in transit. I chose the option to have them it send it back to me rather than take the $10.

Guess what?! Then I got an email apologizing "Due to some rare circumstances, we decided to return the device(s) back to you. Device(s) with this serial number is no longer eligible for trade/sale to iGotOffer.com."  WHAT SCAMMERS, let alone liars. I have never had an issue like this with other used equipment buyers. DO NOT trust them. I take photos of everything I sell, regardless of the buyer and package well. My order #IGO-24577438

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