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I never sold anything in my life, I’ve never worked in sales or remotely had anything to do with sales. In fact, I’m afraid of sales, it makes me feel anxious. That’s why when I came across the Website, I was very hesitant. I find that whenever a situation like that arises, I’ll get ripped off. But, I decided to give them a try after I saw the many positive reviews available. So, I sold my MacBook Pro (the old one, I have a new model and the old one was just sitting in my closet). I was surprised by how much they offered me, I couldn’t believe someone would offer so much for an old and used laptop, but they did. After I shipped the laptop to them, they paid me really fast through PayPal, I was really happy. So, here I am with my first experience of selling something and it was a very good one. I heartily recommend this company to everyone.

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