MacBook Air Went Down

Yesterday, my MacBook Air went down. Its display went black and nothing I tried helped. When I tried to put it on, it purred, tried to go green or yellow and then the display was pitch black as a solitary starless Cosmos.

Happily enough, the warranty is still on, so I called the Apple Store. The first time, a robot told me (very politely, I acknowledge) that “no advisor was available at the moment” and he (the robot, I mean) hang up at once not giving me any choice to try to engage him in further dialogue.

Finally, I got an Apple expert online. After half an hour of our common battle against my MacBook, we managed to silence the device. Now it decided not to answer at all at any pushing of the start button. The advisor told me to hold online while he was going to search for the closest place for me to leave my computer for the treatment it needed. Then I heard the busy sounds, hang up and he never called back.

Well, it was easy to find a Genius bar in the Apple Store. And here comes the most interesting thing… All this happened yesterday, on Thursday, March 24, 2016. And they told me that the closest day to bring my MacBook to their repair shop was Thursday, April 1st, one week later! One week without a computer on warranty, an engine that cost me $1500 plus tax.  A computer I need badly for my work and pleasure.

Of course, I inquired about the possibility to be given something as a replacement, an old model, or an old iPad and so on. And I have to wait for a week at least (I don’t even know how long it would take to get my computer back in good state).  No, they don’t give you a replacement, no matter warranty or not.

A good thing is that a second-hand computer store is located just in front of my building. It took me 5 minutes to get there and buy an old, used Macbook, very heavy, with a battery which wouldn’t work, but which cost me 350 dollars and which I could use in situations like this or working in a library and so on.

But what about the possibility to use an old computer when a new one is waiting for being repaired? That’s the big question…

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