My trestemony

Many years ago I discovered Apple. I since buy all my computers and phones at the Apple Store or online, but it’s got to be an Apple product. Over the years I ended up with quite a collection of Apple products: two iPhones and three MacBooks (one Macbook Air and two Macbook Pro), as far as iPhones go, I still have my iPhone 3G and iPhone 5c, but now I use the latest model, the iPhone 6s. Long story short, I decided to sell my used computers and smartphones to iGotoffer.com I thought even if it doesn’t work, I wanted to get rid of my old stuff anyways. To my surprise, they answered very quickly, gave me an excellent quote and paid me much faster than I expected. Moreover, they guided me through all the steps, which made it even easier. I highly recommend this company to anyone. I know they buy other products than Apple as well.


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