Thanks iGotOffer, they helped me to get rid of a useless device

I bought an Apple Watch online, but it didn't function well. So I started looking for the reason it was acting erratically. And then I found the answer, because various iFans on social media platforms were complaining that many functions, including Apple Pay,  fitness apps, heart-monitoring  didn't seem to work properly because users were TATTOOED! Apple Watch must not came in direct contact with tattooed skin. I read about a user who tested watch's sensors against tattooed and non-tattooed sections of the same person's skin, and the results confirmed that tattoo ink interferes with light sensors on Apple Watch. The darker or denser the tattoo, the more interference there'd be. You should test always the Apple Watch before you buy it, if your wrist is tattooed! I appreciate iGotOffer's help, I could sell my watch to you, and you paid quite better price that pawnshops were offering. I'll certainly deal with you again.

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