Why can't we accept devices in our office?

We get this question asked very often, and sometimes in different variations. Do you have an office? Where is your office located? Can I drop off the device I’m selling to you personally?

 To help clarify this, we want to state that we are an online business only. Yes, we do have an office and a warehouse. The address we provide to you, to send your devices is in fact our office and warehouse, but we only accept mailed in products.

Why don’t we accept any onsite drop offs? The simplest answer is because we care about your privacy and safety. If you leave an item with an employee, he or she will not be able to register the device in our database. Nobody can access the room where the devices we have bought are registered and inspected. If the technician working there finds a SIM card, or private information the seller has forgotten to erase, this data is deleted immediately and the SIM card is destroyed. These operations would not be possible if the customer just leaves the item in person.

Another reason we keep all of our transactions online is because of the process itself. When a customer sells us their electronic device through our website, all the data the seller enters, is stored in the database linked to the customer's account (technical specifications, condition of the device, method of payment, and so on). This is an automatized process and nobody has the right to change any data you submit. Of course, we trust our employees, but they have their own tasks and they cannot register all the detailed information about your device. The proof of shipment is the only document that proves that you have submitted your device to us and as a result gives you the right to be paid for it.

These are the main reasons why we only accept shipped devices. Using one of the postal services to send us your device is the only way to submit your item. We have been on the market for many years and thousands of customers trusted us with their old and used electronics. We put in a lot of attention and effort to every customer we have, because we truly care about all of our customers. We hope you will become one of these happy customers, and our new friend.

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