Tell Real iPhone From a Clone


Identify the REAL IPHONE VS a clone

Many of you guys ask about how to tell the real Apple iPhone from the fake one, here we repeat our exhaustive explanation first published in our blog:

Fake iPhone clones get more and more sophisticated and physically very similar to a genuine smartphone. The fake phones may even have the Apple logo on them. Thus, it’s not easy to tell a bogus iPhone from a genuine one, when you buy an iPhone from a classified ad or, say, the market of used electronic devices.

So here come basic ways of checking the smartphone you are buying:

The screen must be very clear. iPhone’s screen has a very high pixel density. The screen thus is not “pixilated”. The bogus iPhone’s screen can’t show the real colors as it uses low-cost materials and technologies.

Buttons: If the buttons are not where they should be, the phone is a fake. Counterfeiters usually switch the buttons for some unknown reasons.

SIM Cards: Many fake phones can use two SIM cards running at the same time. However, the Apple’s iPhone runs only one SIM card.

Screws: The real iPhone security is a pentalobe screw. The clone uses the common cross screws. If you see a common screw, you may be seeing a fake device. It still may be an original iPhone, as the screws may have been changed during the repair, but the smartphone yor are buying certainly needs a double check.

Apple Logo: Many fake iPhones are manufactured today with the Apple logo. On the real iPhone though, you can’t feel the difference between the surface without the logo and the image if you rub your finger over it.

As a rule, the fake phones will not show the Apple logo when you turn off and then turn on the iPhone.

Apps: Fake iPhones can’t support two applications at a time, so try to open two or three apps and see how the device performs. Try also to quickly scroll between application screens. The fake phone won’t be able to keep up with this operation.

Screen: When disconnected, the real iPhone screen is a solid black piece. On a fake phone’s screen you will see thousands of minuscule squares, other traces of residual light or something on the display (you’ll understand the idea at once when you see the screen).

The fake iPhones are obviously cheaper, so they have worse performance. Try to shoot a few photos in different modes, including video recording, and evaluate its quality: if the photo is blurry and the colors aren’t bright, it’s a fake iPhone.

The easiest way to see if the iPhone they try to sell you is real, is to check its serial number. However, it isn’t always possible or counterfeiters may use a real serial number which will show when you proceed. Anyway, just dial *#06 to display your iPhone’s serial number. Go to the Apple Website then and enter this serial number. If the code is invalid, you have a clone in your hands.

real iphone fake iphonePentalobe Screw is used in iPhones

Real iPhone against fake iPhone. To learn more about iphones and other Apple products which iGotOffer buys, and to ask us about Apple devices, visit our page Ask iGotOffer.

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    Kelly Morris

    Great article! As someone who has previously experienced buying "second hand" iPhones and other gadgets, I have always faced some anxiety regarding whether the item is authentic or not. This piece has definitely cleared some things up for me, and I can now be sure that my phone was, in fact, produced by Apple. Of course, there is always the question of whether it is easier to just contact Apple and clarify the serial number with them. However, (coming from personal experience also) Apple's customer service might be extremely busy and it is exhausting to contact them every time you need to make sure of something. In other words, found this extremely helpful.  

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