Our company has a proposition to your school (college, workshop, courses), which might lead to a mutually beneficial undertaking.

We offer to sponsor a writing contest, with cash prizes for winners

Should you choose to accept our offer, the school will receive fee for organizing the aforesaid event.

The task for the contestants would be to write an article on any topic of their choice, as long as it incorporates a link to our website, (or any sublink thereof). They would then publish their work online, wherever they prefer, be that a known site or their own personal blog, and send you the web link of the publication.

Your school’s experts will then judge the results and decide upon the winners. Our company will leave it entirely up to you, without any attempt to influence the outcome.

The only condition is going to put forward is, no sex topics, and porno-sites are off limits as far as publication venues are concerned. (убрать, видимо, из первого текста).

All the other considerations, including the length of texts and the contest’s term, are to be decided by your school.

Following the announcements of the results, our company will choose 10 more participants to be awarded.

Your school will be completely free to advertise every particular aspect of the event according to your preferences.

If you find our offer of interest, we will be happy to discuss it with your further.

Best regards,

 iGotOffer Team

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