I Sent You 5 Items But I Got Cash for 3, What's Wrong With You?

Payments are issued per order. We inspect every device before we pay for them. If you sent us more than one order, we prefer to pay quickly for the order we have already inspected than to consolidate payments. Different items require different evaluation process at different speeds. That's why you may receive multiple payments if you sent more than one order in one box.

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    I've sent two ipads just two days ago. Will my payment be issued in one check or as multiple payments? They are in similar conditions and the same models as you'll see. I'd like to receive one check for both. Thank you.

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    Dear iPadLover.

    As a rule, the payments are issued per order, but in this case, I've contacted our technicians.  The supervisor says he'll try and inspect your items at the same time, as they seem to be almost identical (according to your description). If the items correspond to the description, you'll receive the money due on Wednesday (you certainly know that PayPal transfers are instant). The payment will be made in one transfer. Thank you for doing business with iGotOffer.

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