Which Kind Of Devices Do You Buy?

When we started our business we specialized in buying any Apple products with a main course of buying iPhonesiPadsiPodsiMacsMacbooksMac Pros, Apple Watches and Apple TVs.

Since that we have grown, and now we can purchase any electronic devices. To sell us your old gadget, just email us specifying your brand, model number, accessories and condition of your item and we will get back to you with our offer.

Remember, we offer instant sale,  we pay for shipping and we have quickest turn around.

Our email: cs@igotoffer.com

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    Digna and her family

    Why don't you buy Samsung phones? I have 2 to sell (old models). Would it be possible to sell them online through your Website? I can't see any form for these models, I sold other items though very fast.

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    Hello Digna, thank you for asking. Yes, we buy almost all kind of consumer electronics. It's impossible though to add all of them to a "rigid form", as there are hundreds and even thousands of these gadgets. In some cases we ask our customers to email us so we could determine the better price for your old device. Email us at: cs@igotoffer.com

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