Why Choose iGotOffer?

  • Because we pay the best price on the market for your devices you don't need anymore.
  • Because we have earned very good reputation as we always pay what we promised!
  • Your payoff amount would be exactly what you see on website as long as you choose the correct configuration and condition of your item.
  • We always pay for shipping.
  • Quickest turn around.
  • After we received your item we need up to two business days for inspection and up to two business days for payment processing.
  • No faulty promises.
  • Simple and straightforward.
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    Chanda the Elephant

    I was so satisfied with igotoffer that I wanted to write a review of this fantastic company. I recommend this company to everyone! The process is very easy. I was told about igotoffer by a friend. I went to their Website, answered a few questions. I liked the quote they gave me, so I pressed “Get Paid”. They sent me a prepaid label and I shipped them my iPhone. My gadget took four days to arrive, then they inspected it and paid me through PayPal, but they have other ways of payment as well, so you can choose. Great company, fast and courteous service, five stars!

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    Edwin Ag-man

    I was very satisfied with their service.

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    Very good company, very professional. Definitely, give it a try - you will not be disappointed!

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    You choose the type and the model of the device you want to sell to iGotOffer, its technical characteristics and its general condition. Upon agreement with the evaluation, you download and print a prepaid and fully insured shipping label, on the order confirmation page. This shipping label will allow you to send us the product you are selling online. For your convenience, the shipping label will also be attached to the order confirmation email. Please use the proper package for the item you want to sell, so it is not damaged.

    As soon as we receive the item, we will test it to see if it meets the requirements for the condition you selected. If the characteristics and the condition of the product to be sold correspond to your evaluation, we pay you the corresponding sum in the way you have chosen (check, Amazon Gift Certificate, PayPal). As a rule, the evaluation will take up to two days, but in some rare circumstances it may take longer. As soon as the inspection is completed, the payment will be processed in one business day.

    If we don't agree with your evaluation, we'll explain you our point of view along with a new offer. You decide if you accept it. If not, we return you the device. Returns are always on us: we pay for shipping.

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