What Payment Methods Do You Offer?

Currently we offer four methods of payment:

  1. Check. After you receive a confirmation from us that payment was processed, it will take 3-14 business days for the check to arrive to your address. Your check will arrive in regular envelope, as we do not provide tracking number checks.
  2. PayPal. Instant way of payment. The money will be deposited on your account instantly after we process your payment. However, don't forget that PayPal will charge you up to 3.9% PayPal's fees.
  3. Amazon Gift Cards. Gift card will be delivered instantly to the email address you provided after we process your payment.
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    Important notice: As for January 2017, we had to cancel the Chase QuickPay method. Customers can still ask for Chase QuickPay in particular cases, but the option has been disabled and the customer will have to contact us personally to choose this option

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