How Should I Send You My Item Upon Our Agreement?

Here are some useful tips:

  • Send your device before expiration date listed in the confirmation.
  • Send just the device you are selling and accessories if any you selected on You do not need to send us anything else not listed in the invoice.
  • If you do send in something not listed in the invoice these items can not be returned. As a rule they are discarded and recycled immediately upon their arrival.
  • Do not send us the items or accessories that you did not submit to iGotOffer online.
  • If you want your device to be processed faster, charge it, at least partially.


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    Hi, can I use an original box if and when I sell you my old iMac? Thank you.

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    Hi George.

    Thank you for your interest in

    If you have an original, retail box in good condition with all the original styrofoam inside you can use this box without any additional protection as long as you follow the proper item/foam placement. For more info, please consult our page about Packaging and Shipment Guidelines - If you stil have any questions about the process, feel free to ask us.

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