If You Don’t Agree With My Evaluation, What Happens Next?

It happens sometimes that we lower our customers’ offers. It may happen because our inspector has found some issue you have never noticed or you have stated a wrong model or configuration and so on. If your offer is lowered after we have checked out the item you want to sell, you can request a reevaluation. In this case our Supervisor will take a closer look for you and see if an inspector missed something. We may thus overturn an inspection result and bring your offer back up. Anyway, you will have a week to decide if you would like to accept or decline our counter-offer. If we do not hear from you after a week passes, we assume you do not object to our counter-offer.

If you decline the offer within a week, the device will be sent back to you. It will be shipped free of charge. However, it will not be eligible for another inspection, and we'll not accept it! If you ship it to us for the second time, we'll have to send it back to you, and this time you'll have to pay the expenses.

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    Arnold Toussaint

    If my device was broken and you sent it back, what happens if I repair it and send it to you once again? I sold 7 Apple products, including one Mac Pro. And you returned one because it was broken and you didn't agree it was fair. I agree it was broken, my mistake, but what if I have it repaired? Can I send it to you?

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    We talked with Arnold over the phone, but I'd like to add a public comment here, as our customers regularly ask the same question: Unfortunately, we don't accept products which had to be re-evaluated and re-quoted, but the customer didn't agreed with the new price and asked us to send the item back to him.

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