How Many Items Can I Sell to iGotOffer At Once?

There is no limit established, but you must provide a separate offer for each electronic device. As soon as you accept our quote, we send you an instant shipping label for each device. You can choose then between one shipping box for all or part of your devices or a separate shipping box for each item. If you decide to send two or more items in one shipping box, please include packing slip invoices with the items so we could identify every device.

We evaluate each item separately, thus you can get the best price for the devices you want to sell to us. Here you'll find more details on this subject: I Sent Five iPhones, but Got Money for Three of Them, What Happens?

If you have an unusual number of devices to sell, we would still buy them, but we kindly ask you to contact us if you have, say, 20 or more devices to sell at once.

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