How Do I Know the Device is Legit?

Buying a used or refurbished smartphone is a good idea, because this solution is economical. Even if you already have a cell phone, you may need a second one for some purposes.

But there is always uncertainty when you look for a used device, namely, if this gadget legitimate or not, that’s has it been reported lost or stolen? Indeed, millions of smartphones change hand every year.

Regrettably, many of these devices are sold by thieves to customers who do not suspect that they are victims of fraud and who later into trouble as owners of a device which has been purchased in an illegitimate way.

Here’s how to make sure the used device you buy is legit:

1. Don’t buy on the street, don’t buy from unknown seller. Select a reputable seller very carefully. You can safely buy from wireless carriers which often offer used phones on their official websites. Amazon and eBay are also rater trustworthy and reputable online sources, thanks to their safeguard of profiles and seller reviews. Craigslist. Swappa , Glyde and other online venues are much less safer for buying used cell phones, even when they try to implement policies which are supposed to help buyer to avoid buying stolen electronics.

2. Check all basic data available. If you are buying from a Website, any listing for consumer electronics must feature model number, storage capacity, color, condition (fair, good, in the box and never used, few dents or scratches, etc. The photo added to the description is a good bonus. Ask for the serial number of the item you’d like to purchase, if the owner refuses to share that info, don’t buy the device.

3. With Apple’s phones (iOS7 and later) use Apple’s Check Activation Lock Status on iCloud. This tool lets you quickly see if an electronic device was procured illegally. By entering the serial number, you can tell if someone used Find My iPhone to switch on Activation Lock which locks down the device. It then can’t be used until the correct Apple ID and password have been entered. Note that with serial number of the device you can check how much warranty is left on the product. Note also that Glyde doesn’t give you the option to check serial number beforehand. It has however a full refund policy and holds the seller’s payment in escrow until the buyer has checked the device and confirmed that everything was in order. If you buy a phone off Craigslist from an unknown seller, meet always in a public place where a carrier store is located. In this case you will be able to activate the device as soon as you purchase the device.

When you purchase a new (or used for that matter) smartphone, all you have to do is decide what to do with your old phone. Well, the best option would be to look for a reliable, trustful, reputable buyer which has been buying used electronic devices online for years and has never failed to its customers. In a matter of fact, you have found this reputable buyer: we at iGotOffer are here to serve you and to buy your old and used electronic device for the best price online.

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